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City or Township Cupertino, CA
Postal Code 95014, CA
Neighborhood Neighborhood, Cupertino, CA
School District School District, County, CA
Listing Service Area Area, CA
Address 123 Main St, Cupertino, CA
Street Main St, Cupertino, CA
Listing ID #123456
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    Every founder needs a garage.
    Every fashionista needs a walk in.
    Every athlete needs a mud room.
    Every commuter needs a spa.
    Every dog needs a yard.
    Every farmer needs a garden.
    Every foodie needs a kitchen.
    Every lover needs a bedroom.
    Every movie buff needs a theater.
    Every wine lover needs a cellar.
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    We leave no stone unturned when it comes to listing and
    marketing the finest, most prestigious homes in the area.

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